Compassionate Care

About Us


Evexia has brought together a team of talented individuals to tend to your medical needs.

At the Evexia Wellness Centers, highly trained professional staff work with your team of professionals to implement a community approach to helping every patient achieve the desired result of freedom from chronic issues and optimizing balance in their life.


More About The Team

Together, this team of professionals works to provide the individualized care each Evexia Wellness Center patient deserves. We work with both family and the patient’s care community to facilitate moving the patient towards their prescribed goals of greater freedom, function, and balance.

Dr. Gregory Smith

Dr. Gregory Smith is the Medical Director for Evexia Wellness Center Fresno. He is a board certified anesthesiologist and fellowship trained in pain management. With over 25 years experience in chronic pain syndromes, opioid addiction, and detoxing patients from drug dependence, he has helped to establish and prescribe the individually tailored treatments utilized at the Evexia Wellness Centers.

Victor Auld

Victor Auld is the CFO and COO of Evexia Wellness Centers, Inc., and is a board certified Nurse Anesthetist. With over 15 years of experience which began in the Navy, he has seen first hand many of the challenges military personnel grapple with during and after service to our country. He has abundant experience in hospital and ambulatory patient care.

Vincent Martinez

Vincent Martinez is the CEO for Evexia Wellness Centers, Inc., and is a board certified Nurse Anesthetist. With experience working in emergency rooms and a level one trauma center for several years, he has seen much of what the first responders and firefighting crews face on a daily basis. He has over 25 years experience working in hospitals and ambulatory patient care.

Our Mission

Through the delivery of high quality- compassionate care, Evexia Wellness Center’s mission is to restore balance in people afflicted with conditions where Ketamine infusions have proven to be an effective treatment.

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