NAD Therapy in Clovis, CA

The Ultimate Brain Reboot

Evexia Wellness Centers provides NAD+ in various amounts for treatment of a range of issues and to obtain singular and distinctive goals. All of the infusion procedures are regulated by our Medical Director and administrated by our licensed registered nurses who additionally supervise the process.

Why Do You Need NAD?

NAD (or NAD+) therapy is an all-natural infusion that is supplied through an IV throughout several sessions. Decreased fatigue, improved cognition, and much better athletic performance are among the short-term benefits of IV NAD therapy.

Intravenous NAD is also amongst one of the most natural and restorative therapies for drug addiction. In the long run, it is a life-changing tool for combating chronic disease and slowing down the progression of getting older.

NAD treatment is so efficient because NAD is a necessary molecule in the body’s core energy-making system. By supplementing NAD directly to the bloodstream, NAD therapy gets to the bottom of many medical conditions to greatly improve health.

nad therapy in clovis ca

The Benefits of NAD+ Therapy

Brain Health

It serves to help keep our brain in the very best achievable shape, improves your ability to remember in addition to cognition, and significantly improves mental clearness by boosting neurological functions at the cellular level.


Negates the effects of aging by preventing and healing DNA destruction that generates fatigue, decreased athletic performance, along with age-related illnesses.


It provides your cells the tools they need to help healthy and balanced levels of energy, boost your stamina, boost your mood, vitality and amplify brain functionality.

Metabolic Functionality

Helps healthy metabolism functionality which will help you reduce weight, build up healthy muscle mass, maximize stamina and energy, and enhance one’s overall athletic capability.

What Conditions Can NAD Help With?

NAD+ has been proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells, serve as an internal anti-inflammatory, and helps fend off neurodegenerative disorders.

Reverse Aging From The Inside Out

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