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How Do You Treat Social Anxiety by Evexia Wellness Centers in Fresno, CA

How Do You Treat Social Anxiety?

How a person reacts to social situations can range intensely from person to person. Some people crave social gatherings, or even thrive in them. Others dread them, needing their time to “recharge” by themselves. When do these feelings become full-on symptoms of social anxiety disorder? More importantly, how do you treat this condition?

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Is Anxiety a Mood Disorder by Evexia Wellness Centers in Fresno, CA

Is Anxiety a Mood Disorder?

Many people experience anxiety in everyday life, but they roll with the changes and continue with their lives. It’s considered a quite common mental health issue and skirts the boundary line between what’s normal and what could be signs of a more fundamental problem. One of the most common questions people ask is whether or not anxiety is a mood disorder.

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Ketamine for Anxiety

Anxiety is undue concern or worry. It prepares your body for action to battle danger. But what if there’s no danger? Then, anxiety obliges the sufferer to keep fleeing from an unseen beast to an alien destination. If you’ve run this race before and feel like a champion, then you know the effects of anxiety – trouble at work, school, home, and with relationships. But help is available, through clinical therapy, hospitalization, and medication like ketamine.

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